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Why Tripper?

There are many people in the travel industry who make their living using or supporting Tripper products. Among our clients are some of the largest and most profitable agencies in the UK.  We won't say Tripper can make you rich, although it has helped make millionaires of several clients who in turn helped design the product to suit their own needs.  But if you can't make money using Tripper in the travel industry, you should certainly be doing something else!

Have a look through the extended list of features via the menu above.  All of them have been designed with the travel industry in mind.  This is not an updated standard accounts package or a typical bodged management-designed database.  It is a well thought out, flexible, and fully integrated software system which has stood the test of time and gradually become one of the most powerful tools available to the travel industry today.  

Its history dates back to our first sale in 1987 at the World Travel Market, at which time a neighbouring exhibitor, a very large travel software company, generously declared it "ingenious, and incredible for the price".  It evolved on high end Unix hardware such as Mips R2000s and chains of ICL DRS 6000s, and finally converted to Novell.   Meantime, Dataworld formed alliances with sales organisations such as ICL, using our Airscan data and helping enlarge the client base for our software.

Its future lies in further evolution into the Web arena, but not just as the same product with a mouse control stuck on top.  The WebTripper package is now being developed with state-of-the-art components to make very large amounts of data manageable and intuitively understood.

We think Tripper is unique in the industry, and hope you agree.  Should you require more information, please email info@dataworld.co.uk