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By using Net-inter-Net to centralise your Internet, Intranet, E-Mail, Fax, Print, Server and Backup access, you can massively simplify the management it all requires, yet provide exactly what your Users need. Access to the wealth of knowledge and services available on the Web can be individually granted or restricted. Combine this with features such as Data Server, Faxing, Printing and Backup, and your business is ready for the future.

Net-inter-Net is a single unit that attaches to your Network - Unix, Novell, Windows, etc. Load the appropriate S/W on your PCs (if any required) and go. It will then automatically check your User Accounts for incoming e-mail as often as you specify and distribute them to the correct desks. It is ready to send e-mail and browse the Web at all times. Multiple Users can all browse the web and send/receive e-mail simultaneously. 

Net-inter-Net obviates the need for costly Servers, gateways, routers, Software or User Licenses by providing a single, simple, easily managed and expandable solution.

Information  Access 
With Net-inter-Net, the information available to your Users is enormous :

Your Accounts Department can obtain credit information within seconds. R&D can locate new components quicker than ever. Buying can check specification and inventory levels from suppliers half way around the world without having to worry about time zones. Up to date general and specific news is available immediately, be it share prices, travel timetables or research papers. Newsgroups and Mailgroups will automatically keep you notified of developments and interests in your specified fields. 

E-Mail is fast, efficient and flexible. Documents, spreadsheets, etc. can all be attached to messages and sent anywhere around the world. Users can have several mail names all directed into one account, and every mailbox is password protected. If you define a general mail name such as "sales", mail can be redirected to more than one User automatically ; Net-inter-Net can also send a standard response for you as well. On arrival of new e-mail, Users are notified by a pop-up message, sound or special Icon. So even if they are away from their desk, it will be found on return. The Net-inter-Net is also an ideal way to send and receive internal e-mail as well. 

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