At Dataworld we know that the travel industry contains a wide variety of companies all of which have very different needs and procedures; that’s why we provide solutions that are modular and flexible ensuring that our software does exactly what you need it to.

Travel Agents and Tour Operators today must cope with large numbers of bookings and related information which has the effect of hampering their efficiency and productivity. It is estimated that offices on manual systems can spend as much as one third of their man hours locating documents pertaining to client quotes and queries.

Tripper enables staff to locate client data in a number of ways depending of the information known at the time. Once a booking is made, the information is sharable by other staff via their terminal. This distributes the handling of client enquiries among all members of staff: when were the tickets issued? When were they sent? Has the cheque been received? What are the latest flight times?

Information relating to fares, clients or accounts can be entered by one member of staff and then immediately made known to all other members of staff via the computer; this is the true advantage of information technology.

With flexible software, allied to the vast storage ability of modern computers, the sky really is the limit.

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